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Association Property Moves towards next Stage of Development

By January 27, 2017January 31st, 2017No Comments

The association’s property, known as the Lobanillo Swales, is about to move towards its next stage of development. With an archaeological survey done in early 2015 and a general survey by the NPS done later that year, we will soon be conducting a construction level survey of the site.

This level of survey will allow contractors to know exact dimensions of various developments for the location, such as the size of a parking area and the dimensions of a hiking trail that will be created. Plus, signing for Lobanillo is underway. The official NPS site identification signs for the property have been shipped and interpretive panels and their bases are in the process of being fabricated.

Once the construction level survey is complete, clearance for development will be sought from the National Park Service and Texas Historical Commission. This is required as protections for the site are in place, since it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and because it is designated as a State Antiquities Landmark. Following agency clearance, contractors will perform the construction, and we envision that the site will be ready for visitor use by the end of 2017.

This is a huge step for the trail and the association. We are the only National Historic Trail organization in the country that owns a piece of a National Historic Trail! We were only able to accomplish this with the support of individuals and businesses like you, so please consider making a donation to the development and upkeep of Lobanillo. It is a site like no other on the trail and we are making it accessible to you, so that you can vicariously experience traveling the trail just as explorers and settlers did hundreds of years ago!

Please make donations payable to El Camino Real de los Tejas NHT Assn and mail checks to 3710 Cedar Street, Suite 288 Austin TX 78705 or visit the Donations section of our webpage and donate online today! (Please make sure to note that your donation is for the Lobanillo Swales.)

Lobanillo Swales

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