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Camino Real Traveling Exhibit

We have worked with the National Park Service, researchers, and multiple funders to create a traveling exhibit on the trail. Our goal with this project is to raise awareness for the trail and encourage protection of this irreplaceable historic resource.

The exhibit has three themes that focus on: 1) The role of the trail in cattle drives to support the American Revolution, 2) Its influence on settlement patterns throughout Texas and Louisiana, and 3) How to see and experience the Camino today.

Click here to visit the full webpage detailing more information.

Lobanillo Swales

Lobanillo Swales Project provides supporting historical records identifying Lobanillo Swales as part of the El Camino Real during the Spanish Colonial era through the Republic of Texas period. To learn more about this report and to see our other efforts, click here.

Onion Creek Metropolitan Park 

We are working towards several efforts at Onion Creek Metropolitan Park. We are conducting an in-depth archival study to understand better the history and significance of the historic properties within the park. We plan to design and implement educational panels through out the park. To learn more about what we are have planned for Onion Creek, click here.

Historic Research

We have worked with partners, Sergio and Melinda Iruegas, from GTI Environmental to create and publish several historically significant reports documenting archival research, findings, and interpretations from all across Texas. To learn about about these reports, click here.